] Breaking Boundaries Tour

"There is a peculiar pleasure in riding out into the unknown. A pleasure which no second journey on the same trail ever affords"

Edith Durham

There is something about pushing a machine past its generally accepted limits. A scooter, after all, is made for short urban commutes, right? Well how about a lot of those commutes....in a row...pointed in one direction.

In 2012, Omar participated in the Scooter Cannonball Run – a 2,500 mile cross-country endurance race that ran from Savannah, Ga to San Diego, Ca. When Omar returned with tales of adventure, his brother Greg was enrolled and purchased a Stella of his own, and the seed was planted to take a long trip together. It was then that the Breaking Boundaries Tour was conceived.

Here we are, two years later – we are doing it: over 8,000 miles, 31 days, and some of the most beautiful roads in the U.S. that will take us through 24 states. No interstates – we will be on the winding and wandering backroads. They will lead us across the south, to see UFO's in Roswell, through the Mojave Desert to Joshua Tree National Park and the “City of Angels”, up California's Pacific Coast Highway, through Big Sur, to San Francisco and Napa Valley, and on to the majestic Redwoods...all the way over to Yellowstone and Grand Teton, and Beartooth Highway – one of the most beautiful drives in North America that will take us up to nearly 11,000ft – and on through the Badlands to the Windy City, with a little Rock and Roll in Cleveland, and a piece of the Big Apple before heading back down our own coast on the home stretch.

Aside from all of that excitement, we have the added benefit of knowing that we are raising money for a great cause in our own community – for Surfer's Healing Folly Beach: an organization that does great work enhancing the lives of children with autism through surfing. Watch the video below - and visit surfershealing.org - for more info on Surfer's Healing, and please consider supporting their efforts with a donation. It is greatly appreciated

Thank you.

Omar & Greg

"Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey."

Pat Conroy